a quick announcement and a favor…

Hi again, Dr. Ibrahim here from Biltmore Restorative Medicine.
We are VERY close to releasing the long awaited “Bella Lift” to the public.
This procedure has been in development for more than 6 years now . . . And we are in the unique position of being the only facility in North Carolina to offer it.
This procedure produces “Near Plastic Surgery Results” without the cutting, scarring, downtime, or pain associated with plastic surgery…
(Between you and me, because the results are more subtle, I think it’s preferable to plastic surgery, because it never looks fake like a bad face-lift. The only downside is that you have to come in for a minimum of 6 sessions to achieve such results)
The little-known protocols that make this procedure so powerful were developed by non-invasive specialist Deborah Parker, and get this
A few of our clients will be able to get work done directly by her as she trains our team!
Her protocols involve a unique combination fat reducing & skin tightening lasers that when combined in a very specific way, the results are astonishing!
This procedure is currently only available in South Florida and the panhandle where she has trained some well-known surgeons… and is the preferred method of beautification by South Florida celebrities–since there is no down time.
It is not available to the public in Asheville yet, and we have opened it to a few in-house clients only. We need to make sure we have everything set up, and have enough before and after footage, so we’re going to let a handful of people come in and get work done directly by Deborah!
The last time we opened this up to a fraction of our email list in June, the spaces filled up almost immediately.
(if you have any imperfection that you want fixed non-surgically, and you want to get one of the few remaining spots, please call now and book your free consultation — (8285052885 — before they are all gone).
HOWEVER, we still need your help. Before we release this to the public in the near future and pull out the stops, we need to make sure we have covered everything…
That’s where the favor comes in…
Please take a few minutes to answer these super-short questions – there are only two questions that we need you to answer:

(Please Answer in the “Comments Section” at the Bottom of This Page)

1. Plastic Surgery or The Bella Lift?

Below we’ve set up a video comparison of plastic surgery versus “The Bella Lift,” non-invasive results.
Take a look at the pictures and the video. How do you think these results stand up, and are there any questions you think we should address about this plastic surgery alternative?
(this is important because we want to make sure we’ve got enough really good documentation of everything and answer all your questions before we go live)
Here is Footage of Gene Simmons (of KISS) Undergoing a Traditional Face Lift vs. The Bella Lift:

Gene Simmons’ facelift:

VS Deborah’s Non-Invasive Results:

And the face is just one area that can be treated with “The Bella Lift.” Check out all these other areas:

Non-Invasive Tummy Tuck


Non-Invasive Lipo Sculpting


Non-Invasive Brazilian Butt Lift


Non-Invasive Baggy Eye Reduction


Non-Invasive Arm Lift

This is literally the only thing that will work for the arms that is non-surgical. The main problem with plastic surgery for this (Brachioplasty) is that it leaves huge scars, as you can see bellow:


2. What Particularly Would You Get Fixed?

Imagine that you could be free of the particular problem area on your body that’s been bothering you. What particularly would you get fixed?
We’d really appreciate your help on this, so please leave your answers, comments, and questions below:
(Remember, if you want to see what this can do for you, you’d better act fast because they will not last long. CALL now to book: 828-5052885).

Please Answer Below:

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  1. Amazing, Dr. Ibrahim!
    1. The Bella Lift, no questions.
    2. I would get the pooch on my tummy and love handles

    1. Banana roll and thigh cellulite

  2. 1. Wow, definitely prefer Bella Lift to plastic surgery.
    2. I would love to get this on my face and neck.
    Please reserve a spot for me, I am calling now.

  3. Very good work I would love to have chin lift and tummy reduction.

  4. 1. I would do the Bella lift!
    2. I would love the arm lift and tummy tuck! Those results are amazing

  5. Bella! On the stomach area.

  6. Bella Lift
    Bags under eyes

  7. Sign me up!!

  8. I would like bella over traditional plastic surgery on my tummy my arms and my thighs and would be open to the saggy place under my chin

    1. The Bella is a fantastic alternative to surgery. Give the office a call at (828) 505-2885 and we would be happy to get you scheduled for a consultation.

  9. 1. The Bella Lift
    2. Circles under my eyes to start with. I would have lots to get taken care of.

  10. Neck, but and belly for me.

  11. Wow! That looks amazing….great results, no scarring.

  12. 1 Bella
    2 tummy and thighs

  13. 1. Without a question the Bella lift would be the only option I considered for any area.
    2. Non-Invasive tummy tuck or lipo sculpting for belly area & sides.

  14. Oh my yes! I pick several. Starting with the Brazilian Butt Lift!

  15. The Bella Lift definitely
    My eye area and my tummy

  16. Bella!
    Brazilian Butt/Lipo Sculpt

  17. baggy eyes

  18. Definitely THE BELLA!!
    I would love to get my lower belly tightened up and under eye bags. Sign me up too!

    1. Absolutely, Janet! Give the office a call and we will get you on the schedule. Her slots are filling up, so the sooner the better. We look forward to hearing from you.

  19. Eye bags and maybe a surgical scar on my abdomen

  20. WOW…looks like my prayers have been answered! I have been waiting for a procedure that would address several areas of my body. I would be interested in the Face, Arms, Butt & Stomach.
    1. Will it work for an area that has no Fat to be removed?

    1. Absolutely, Anna! We will be utilizing modalities that tighten the skin,so we can address areas without fat. We look forward to seeing you!

  21. Isn’t this the same as the Ulttherapy?
    What’s the diffeence, since you do not show the method used.

    1. Great question, Al. The difference between what we will be doing and Ultherapy is that Ultherapy is a single modality, while we will be utilizing up to 6 modalities depending on the needs of the individual. We would love to get you scheduled for a free consultation with Deborah so that she can assess your individual needs. Please give the office a call at (828)505-2885 and we will gladly get you on the books!

  22. Bella lift!!!
    My face

  23. The Bella Lift!
    Lipo sculpting and arm lift

  24. 1. How long do results last? What is cost?
    2.I would love to have drooping area below laugh lines tightened and thighs/butt tightened!


  26. 1. Bella. Couple questions though. How long do the results last? Is it comparable to surgery? What about a face lift as in sagging jowls, eyelids, etc? Your pics show the under chin area but not the upper face.
    2. Face lift, all over. Tummy sculpting.

    1. Hi Kelly! After any procedure, the aging process starts again. We find that 1-2 maintenance treatments a year can sustain results. Other lifestyle factors come into play, such as diet, exercise, etc. We do have great options utilizing Nova threads for those stubborn sagging spots. And Yes, our results are comparable with surgery as you can see from the before and after pictures. We would love to get you scheduled for a consultation to meet with Deborah Parker herself! Please give the office a call at (828) 505-2885 and we will happily schedule you.
      Here is a link on our Nova Threads as well

  27. Bella looks fantastic! What I hate most about traditional plastic surgery is the “fakeness” and “obviousness”!
    I would definitely have my marionette lines pulled up and back to reveal my natural moth shape, and the lines between my eyebrows and eye lids lifted! Plenty of work on me!! LOL

  28. Looks too good to be true! Any help for creppy skin on legs?
    Under eye bags and lipo sculpt on thighs for me .

  29. I didn’t get this email, but a friend we referred to you sent it to me. I’m interested in the face stuff and butt and our daughter Keira Hopkins is also interested, and Bob Fuzy might be too!

  30. Bella & the butt lift 🙂

  31. Droopy eyes and beginning jowels!!

  32. I would never get a traditional facelift, but I would definitely get the Bella Lift! I would do my neck, chin and stomach for sure!

  33. I would do the Bella Lift.
    Arms, and love handles on both sides.

  34. The Bella!!! Stubborn belly pouch, please.

  35. Yes bags under eyes and tummy lift

  36. Oh, forgot spider veins. I have hated these forever!!

    1. Kelly,
      This procedure would not be the most effective treatment for spider veins. We do have fantastic treatments for spider veins worth or lasers.
      Give us a call to discus of you would like

  37. Bella lift and neck fat, upper eye lids
    Tummy and thighs

  38. Definitely the Bella Lift. I would do tummy and eyes.

  39. I would do tummy and eyes. This looks amazing.

  40. The Bella lift is certainly preferable to invasive surgery. How long are the cosmetic improvements expected to remain? I would like to have the bags under my eyes removed.

  41. The Bella option would be a much less invasive procedure. That’s a winner hands down.
    I would have may neck and eyes overhauled!

  42. Bella lift and tummy and live handles

  43. I would love the Bella Lift
    eyes, neck, thighs, anything you suggest.

  44. Definitely the Bella Lift.
    Eyes and tummy 🙂

  45. Bella
    I’d like to have my tummy and arms done.

  46. Hi Dr. Ibrahim and Deb,
    The Bella Lift looks to be a wonderful non-surgical treatment with beautiful results. I am always for a non-invasive procedures, that give optimal results with minimal risks to the patient.
    Looking at the before and after photos, this procedure is incredible. The Brazilian Butt lift and lip sculpture interests me most.

  47. Definitely the Bella Lift.
    Eyes neck jowls or laugh lines tummy arms

  48. The Bella Lift sounds great. Sign me up for my arms or my tummy!

  49. Bella lift.
    Arms, neck, belly/love handles.

  50. I’d get quite a few things fixed. The arm reduction to start, and then some non-invasive lipo-type treatments. Sounds great, George!

  51. Bella lift looks wonderful. At 76 I could say that I could need just about everything. LOL

  52. Bella Lift looks far superior. My husband is all over the baggy eye reduction!

  53. Bella lift!

  54. Bella Lift for sure. I have been waiting for a non-invasive procedure that would last longer than those currently available. Looking for a facelift.

  55. Does the Bella Remove or destroy the fat cells? I’d be worried about Dysmorphic fat accumulations after the procedure as have been seen with Cool Sculpting. The UltraSlim Professional is non-invasive and non-destructive for this reason.

    1. Jordan, your concerns are valid.
      Our methods of fat reduction have actually been used to “fix” problems caused by the other method that you mentioned.
      Of course a consultation would be needed to tell you more specifics concerning your priorities.
      Dr. I

  56. Bella Lift!
    It would be a dream come true to have my “mommy tummy” done. Being a young single mom I would love to have this done.

  57. Love to see how this procedure works on refresh of my face , jawline and neckline- and stomach area after 2 c-sections !!!

  58. Very interested in the Bella face lift and eye procedure.

  59. Great results
    I’m interested in all of the procedures

  60. the Bellalift definitely. I would do face and the cellulite on thighs fixed.

  61. I am deathly afraid of the knife! I would rather do the alternative. thank you.

  62. I am researching non-invasive procedures for the chin area and abdomen. I am interested in the Bella left and Lipo for the tummy

  63. Definitely my lower torso – that stubborn fat will not leave the building!!

  64. Definitely chin and neck area

  65. I am interested in non-invasive procedures for my neck and chin. The Bella Lift could be great or the lipo type treatments. Cost is definitely a factor for me.

  66. Well, obviously, the Bella Lift. My main question is how long does it last? Other than that, I want to know how many areas you can do at one time, and what does it cost?
    I’d have EVERYTHING done–tummy, arms, under/around bra area on back, neck, face, butt. If I left anything out, please assume I meant to add it in! Sounds fabulous!

    1. Hello Antoinette! As with any procedure, your body will continue to age. Deborah recommends that patients come in 1-2 times a year for maintenance. We can do as many areas as you like! I’d love to get you scheduled for a consultation with Deborah. This way she can assess your needs and give you an individualized quote based on your goals. We look forward to hearing from you!

  67. Would never have surgery butt would love butt lift neck and face wrinkles around mouth corrected

  68. Bella lift definitely! My neck/ double chin. I’m on a weight loss program and am worried that this area will not retain enough elasticity to look good!

  69. I would be interested in the Tummy Tuck for sure seeing as how I will be post partum and I love the idea of the surgery being non-invasive!

  70. Bella lift for eyes and belly!

  71. I would do the bella now, i am on my way. I would do my chin and belly.

  72. tummy, marionette lines and turkey neck. Laurie -(Aurora’s mom)

  73. The Bella procedure for sure. I would have my upper arms, abdominal area, but, thighs, inside and outside of each leg. After having reunion-y surgery 15 years ago and working out, I still have areas that need reduced.

  74. Looks incredible !

  75. 1. Agree with some others recommending more information on how the procedure is done and how this is different & results from the Cool Sculpting.
    2. Bra line & love handles addressed first. Others such as marionette area later.

  76. My questions:
    1) What is the time window to complete the 6 sessions, and
    2) Do patients have the option of doubling up on areas to work on while they visit?
    I would be interested in the baggy eye procedure and then the tummy tuck – preferably simultaneous
    with our traveling from out of state.
    The results look incredible!

    1. Mr. Nill,
      As everyone is different, the duration of each treatment ranges from 3-9 months. This would be from initiation to when results have maximized.
      Combination of different areas can be addressed simultaneously.
      Feel free to contact us for more information.
      Thank you commenting.

  77. Bella Lift would be my choice for my face (smile lines) eye lids and neck.

  78. I would love to do the bella lift!!! Would get my under eye bags done as well as a butt lift… results and before and after a look amazing!!

  79. Bella Lift
    My neck

  80. Sarah W C
    Bella Lift on problem body areas
    if I could. Big if, as I am a disabled veteran helping care for 2 adult disabled sons, and have no other coverage or ability to do out of pocket. But so glad that you able to offer a safe, effective, nonsurgical option for those who can cover it.
    I hope for you all the best!

  81. I would not have surgery because it would make me to uneasy about things going wrong but the Bella seems like such a good alternative. As good as I feel abut myself and the aging process it is good to be able to have tuneups. The question is how cost effective it would be to the amount of results and the length of time the results would last. I am amazed by many of the things I have done so far at BRM but you could spend endless amounts of money I would love to have my stomach and love handles done As much exercise as I do they are a persistent problem I will be excited to see how this works

  82. The Bella Lift appears to be a much better alternative. The results look more natural and the procedure much easier on the body (and mind). Many years ago my mother had a facelift and while the physical part was difficult, the emotional part was worse and something for which she was not prepared.
    While I don’t need a facelift (a necklift maybe) I would love to do some work on my “love handles” and “tummy”.

  83. is there any approximate costs available to see if I can afford this?
    Madeline mayor

  84. Sounds wonderful. Have a roll around middle would love to get rid of (my own fault, gained too much weight with pregnancies) But, decided several years ago not worth the knife. Looking forward to learning more about this.

  85. Oogie-woogie, that face lift looks icky. How does the skin re-adhere to the musculature underneath?
    For me, it’d be the arms to reduce my ‘bingo wings.’

  86. HI…..is the bella lyft using kybella.
    I need help with my neck and jowl mostly!

  87. I would do the face and underarms and maybe the butt lift

  88. Lower face and neck lift

  89. I would do my face and neck! I checked in with doing the Biltmore lift but still thought too invasive. Sign me up! I promise not to cancel!

  90. I would definitely have the Bella Lift. At 73 years young you look for alternatives then going under the knife. I would love to have the tummy tuck, face, neck lift, most likely everything Bella Lift offers the results look incredible! The cost is a factor also I would like to know more about Bella Lift tummy tuck vs. cool sculpting. I would love to hear more

  91. I had the Mesotherapy injections and I was very satisfied with my final results. My clothes were not tight around my waist! I thoroughly recommend this particular non-invasive procedure! I have always been treated extremely well by Dr. Ibrahim, Shannon and his staff.

  92. Interested. Face and thighs. Cost?

  93. Interested in the cost of under eye bags and chin lift.

  94. Bella lift, start with my eyes, chin….not sure where i would stop!

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