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5.0 rating
Farrell Sullivan
October 8, 2019

Dr.Ibrahim and his team are by far the best in the industry! They came highly recommended by many and have transformed my skin. I have struggled with enlarged pores and skin discoloration for many years. I’ve seen better results with their vampire facials than I have anywhere else or with any other treatment. My skin looks youthful and radiant- loving my results!

5.0 rating
Melissa Bennett
September 17, 2019

I am 29 and a native of Asheville, I can assure you that Biltmore Restorative Medicine is the finest aesthetic treatment center around. Dr. Ibrahim, the facility and his staff are outstanding. It can be somewhat difficult to find a doctor that makes you feel comfortable and that you can trust. Biltmore Restorative Medicine is remarkably hospitable and I am always confident that I am being taken care of and offered first rate options that suit my personal needs. The app the offices uses makes communicating and scheduling a breeze. Each member of the staff is exceedingly courteous and I always feel welcome and at ease. Dr. Ibrahim’s extensive knowledge and experience is incomparable, and results are flawless. Recommend 100%

5.0 rating
September 12, 2019

Hi. I just thought I would let you know that there has been an amazing improvement in Incontinence. Actually, there’s almost none. I don’t need to wear a pad even the tiny daily pads. I guess if I coughed really hard I might have a little bit of leaking but for now, I don’t have any. I guess this comes under the heading of a big success!
I’ll continue to keep you posted.

5.0 rating
Kaitlyn F.
September 11, 2019

Wow! Honestly – words cannot explain how wonderful my experience was at Biltmore Restorative. Dr. Ibrahim and his team are the DREAM TEAM. To give you all a little background history, I have been so self conscious about my forehead wrinkles, brown spots, unwanted hair… the list goes on… FOR EV ER but I am terrified of pain and needles. A few months ago, I decided to give Biltmore a call (with no real intentions of getting anything done in the near future) and spoke with some girls in the office who immediately put me on the phone with Dr. I. He was so so nice and made me feel way more comfortable. After our conversation, I decided to book an appointment for Secret RF microneedling (key word needle — eeeek), laser hair removal and the brown spot laser treatment. When I arrived at the office, I was greeted by the sweetest women. I went through with each treatment that I had originally signed up for and I am baffled by the results. My face feels lighter, tighter, smoother, prettier, etc… the list really does go on. On top of that, I no longer have to stress about my armpit hair and most importantly!!! — BIKINI HAIR showing when I wear my bathing suit. I’m not sure if I mentioned this earlier, guys, but I live in Raleigh, NC and will forever drive all the way to Asheville to see Dr. I. Microneedling doesn’t need to be scary or painful. The results are INSTANT. 🙂 Thank you SO SO MUCH to Allison, Sierra, Dr. Ibrahim and the rest of the A team at Biltmore for making my skin AND MYSELF feel amazing. Also, thanks for the laughs. I had a great time. <3

5.0 rating
Curt Warner
September 11, 2019

My wife and I both saw Dr. Ibrahim for hormone replacement therapy. This was our first time on a HRT program and the results have been fantastic. We both feel great and are looking forward to continuing the treatment. Thanks!!!

5.0 rating
John Smith (not really, but you understand, LOL)
August 21, 2019

Guys, what are you waiting for! We’ve always wanted “more”, and Dr. I’ knows what he’s doing! I felt no pain, none! And the results are immediate! Now, I’ve done several as it takes about 3-4 to really see the improvement I was after, but I”m planning on doing several more. Why, because, well, she is hooked! And when momma’s happy, we’re all happy!

5.0 rating
Linda Moore
June 5, 2019

Dr I and his whole staff are professional and caring. They really listen to your fears and concerns and help you sort through the right steps for you. I have been going to there office for 5 years an can’t imagine what I did before I started. I highly recommend them to everyone.

5.0 rating
Lee Ann Wood
April 25, 2019

Dr. Ibrahim and his staff are top notch. One of the best decisions I’ve made.

5.0 rating
Linda Harwood
April 23, 2019
5.0 rating
Greg Martin
April 5, 2019

I had lost my sexual drive at age 32. I had thought that it was lost forever. There was not anything that my wife and I had not tried to rekindle our sex life. We had tried hormonal therapy, visual and physical stimulation for years to try and create a spark. None of this worked. We went to Dr. Ibrahim as a last resort. With his help, we are currently experiencing orgasms like we had when we first started dating. We are experiencing these over and over, 5-7 times per week. It has translated to a more healthy and happy marriage

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