Is Gainswave all it’s cracked up to be?

Dr. Ibrahim here again.
I want to tell you about this new, wild way to treat E-D…

And I want to know if you think “Big Pharma” is the reason it’s new to us, since they’ve been using it in Europe for over 10 years.

What I’m talking about is Gainswave.

Gainswave uses low frequency sound waves to naturally grow blood vessels and decrease the amount of calcification in those micro vessels that develops as we age.

  • It’s not a prescription
  • It’s completely non-invasive
  • It’s not painful
  • It only takes 20-25 minutes
  • A lot of patients get results after one session
  • Dramatic results within one month
  • The end result is optimized erections and sexual performance!

A lot of people ask what the difference is between this and “The Little Blue Pill,” and here are the main differences:

  • Gainswave regenerates your nerves
  • which results in increased sensitivity
  • It works for some people where the Blue Pill does not work
  • You don’t have to “plan” your sexlife
  • It works, in some cases, BETTER than medications.
  • It lasts 3-years+, so no more embarrassing trips to the pharmacy to fill your script.

For people without full blown ED, it reverses nerve damage, gives greater sensitivity and a sexual edge! 

Check out this video that tells the story of a 61-year old pilot.

He says that when he first heard about Gainswave he was skeptical, but after giving it a try he was “more erect and more hard than when he was a 20-year-old”…

and this is after only 3-4 weeks!!

He reports his confidence level and ability to perform DRAMATICALLY increased, and that he saw a difference after his first treatment:

Because insurance only covers 50% of your prescription (unless you have medical issues that cause ED, like diabetes or trauma), it could even save you money.

Once the word gets out about this, I’m sure there will be a line around the building. We haven’t started advertising Gainswave in Asheville yet, and I wanted to get your feedback before we do.

(Also, if you ladies want to get your guy in before we release the news, we have a few spots left. Just call and say you want a consult for GainsWave: 828-210-2285)

What’s crazy is that we’re just hearing about this now. Does anyone else think it may be because Pfizer makes around $2 Billion a year on Viagra?

Please help us out and leave your opinion and feedback below, so we better know how to present this when we make this available to everyone. Also, do you have any stories where big pharma suppressed a more effective treatment to promote their interests?

Thank you for your help!

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  1. John W

    WOW, this is HUGE for men! Like, life changing.
    The medical industry and big pharma have definitely covered up better, natural alternatives. Heart diseases is the biggest that I know of (unless they are hiding the cure to cancer). My dad went to see the doctor on a Friday and needed a triple bypass. It seemed way to late to do anything but get surgery. However, we got in contact with Bill Clinton’s doctor (the one on Forks Over Knives), and he put my dad on his crazy diet.
    He was taking 3-7 nitros a day before the diet. In the first 30 days on the diet, he only 4. It’s been 3 years now, and he just keeps getting better.

      1. George K Ibrahim

        Excellent article! Give the front desk a call and book a free consult. We look forward to seeing you!
        Dr. I

  2. Wendy Dillard

    Hi George,
    Please hold a place for me and Bob. This sounds incredible.

    1. Ms. D, We would love to schedule a consult, just contact the office through the messaging system or call 828-505-2885 and they will put you down. Do call soon as we are limiting this to only a dozen or so patients, initially, while we get our protocols fully in place, and then we’ll announce it to the general public. And while we can’t tell you over the phone what the cost will be as everyone’s needs are different, those in this initial ramp-up phase will be receiving the services at highly discounted rates. Dr. I

  3. Edward C Tamasovich

    I’m interested, how much does this cost. I would like a consult/ appt. EDT

    1. George K Ibrahim

      Schedule that free consult as your needs are not the same as others, so no way to quote you a price. Our approach may use a single method or combinations of methods, and some need more sessions than others. So contact us so we can get you scheduled soon as the available spots we allocated are nearly full. See you soon! Dr. I

    2. Paula

      Thank you for your question. The investment varies according to an individual’s needs. The consultation is free (there is a refundable deposit to hold a spot on Dr. Ibrahim’s schedule). After Dr. Ibrahim discusses the patient’s needs and conditions, a quote will be provided for the services. As intimacy and performance are essentially priceless, the value of the service pays for itself over and over again. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation. We’ve already filled over half of Dr. Ibrahim’s available slots as men have been thrilled to finally have this treatment option available. Our schedulers can be reached at (828) 505-2885. If you are a current patient, please feel free to message us through Klara, our texting service for a quicker response!

  4. Harris Livingstain

    What are the costs and are there different levels of treatment?

    1. George K Ibrahim

      Go ahead an schedule that free consult as everyone is different. You may need far fewer treatments than others.

  5. Deborah Chambers

    Sounds interesting, but I know “my man” would want to know the cost before committing to a consultation.

    1. George K Ibrahim

      Ms. C,
      Have him call for the free consult and then we can figure out what he’ll need and only then can we quote a price. As a general reminder to all who are reading this: if you can call a doctor’s office and ask for a price, and they don’t have any idea of what kind of condition someone has, but can tell you a price, think long and hard! That means they do the same thing to everyone, and in medicine, that’s crazy, at least to us it is. Everyone is different and we set ours based on what the individual needs. Hope he makes the appointment soon, as few remain. Dr. I

  6. Jill Griffith

    Sounds like a really great option. Most Insurance carriers are limiting the ED medications or not covering it at all. Most Insurance carriers that still cover them only limit the supply to six pills a month. A great option for men…….

    1. George K Ibrahim

      So true! And then there are the side effects! Face is red, time for bed! Yuck!

  7. Maurice E Snyder

    I would be interested in this procedure for sure. When could I come in to discuss this with you ? What will the cost be ?

    1. George K Ibrahim

      Call the office, or go online and request a free consultation. Only by doing that can we figure out what your needs are.
      Dr. I

  8. Adam Jackson

    Hey Dr. Ibrahim,
    There was a demo of GainsWave at the A4M symposium in Las Vegas last December & the results were pretty incredible.
    As an Acupuncturist & Oriental Medicine practitioner who is also a huge fan and student of Integrative, Anti-Aging Medicine I can say I’m essentially only interested in what works best. GainsWave is impressive to me because it restores penile health unlike ED pharmaceuticals that only temporarily reduce symptoms & have some nasty potential side effects.
    You keep me feeling great & help me stay healthy which I truly appreciate. There is a reason I still come to see you (& send my patients to you from 70 miles away). Simply put, you put your patients first. Keep innovating on your patients’ behalf.

    1. George K Ibrahim

      Thank you so much for your comments! This innovation, combined with other procedures that we offer, and well, the fact that I’m a retired Duke Clinical Professor of Urology, makes us the most experienced ED practice in the area. Thanks again! Dr. I

  9. Clifford Bishop

    I have had two P shots. Is there much chance GainsWave would help me, is it worth trying?

    1. George K Ibrahim

      Mr. Bishop,
      Thanks for commenting!
      Short answer, YES.
      Let’s discuss this in person as there are several options you should know about.
      Dr. I

      1. Clifford Bishop

        Thanks, I will make an appointment!

  10. John F

    Thanks Dr I for choosing me as a training patient for your exciting new Gainswave Technology. I received one trial treatment and can assure your patients it is not painful and would be an excellent alternative to Big Pharma. Should I ever suffer from ED I would definitely want to give Gainswave a try!

    1. Thank YOU! We appreciate you participating in our staff training session. And thank you for commenting on how “comfortable” the treatment is.
      Dr. I

  11. Kathleen M.

    The Gainswave low-intensity shock wave therapy (LISWT) is a truly revolutionary strategy in treating ED where there were really no good options previously. Prior strategies were only palliative and not even very good at that while the Gainswave LISWT actually restores physiologic function by healing scar tissue caused by many conditions known to interfere with erectile function such as increasing age and diabetes etc. Healing this scar tissue promotes increased blood flow to the penis and improved performance. For potential patients wanting to learn more about LISWT, the article below from Urology Times is a good place to start:
    As a physician myself, given this therapy makes so much sense physiologically and offers the potential for such profound improvement in the quality of life for those patients and their partners suffering from ED, I’m excited to have the option to refer my ED patients to Dr. Ibrahim. Finally I can offer them something that has the potential to restore their body’s natural function: to feel more, to respond sensually and sexually when naturally aroused and to live again in their body’s own natural sexual rhythms.

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