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Discover how our Tummy Tuck is unique in Asheville

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is when a plastic surgeon removes excess fat and skin from the belly. This procedure may be expensive, it certainly involves anesthesia, typically general anesthesia, and subjects patients to significant downtime and bruising.

Our “No-cut Tummy Tuck” is a perfect alternative for someone whose “excess fat and skin” isn’t so “excessive!” For the patient who may have lost some weight and now has saggy belly skin, or who has something like a “muffin top”, or a modest amount of extra belly fat, our “No-Cut Tummy Tuck” may be of interest!

We utilize minimally to non-invasive methods to melt fat with our truSculpt-iD radio-frequency device, one of the most highly advanced methods available at this time. Unlike methods that “freeze” fat, the truSculpt-iD will also tighten this excessive skin while the fat is being melted away. Freezing methods do nothing as far as skin tightening, often leaving patients with even more excess skin than when they started!

We also use carefully designed medications called “mesotherapy” that will dissolve fat cells. Combined with the radio-frequency truSculpt-iD, our fat reduction results are impressive and permanent. The fat destroyed will not return as we are born with a set number of fat cells, and those targeted are gone forever.

Then we use our state of the art micro-needling device, Secret-RF, which will further tighten loose skin. Now, this is not the micro-needling you may have heard about at some day spas. The Secret-RF is a physician restricted device that penetrates far deeper, while sending a radio-frequency out at prescribed depths, to dramatically tighten loose skin.

As we are medical practice, we offer a choice of options should you have a low discomfort threshold: local anesthetics, prescription-strength numbing creams, and even laughing gas or Nitrous Oxide! We value our patients and want them comfortable!

All prospective No-cut Tummy Tuck patients are carefully screened. If you would be a better surgical candidate than our procedure could serve, we will refer you to a plastic surgeon. We want only the best for you and will not take on something that is beyond the scope of our less invasive and more comfortable option.

You have nothing to lose, so please contact us today and schedule an appointment. The sooner you do, the sooner you can shed this extra fat and skin and get back that look you desire and the confidence you deserve!​

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