Permanent & Painless Fat Reduction

Soothing Radio Waves Eliminate Fat

Do you have love-handles, muffin tops, bra strap fat, or other trouble areas that you’d like to change to help you look and feel better? With Vanquish, as gentle radio waves warm your body, your fat cells in the targeted area permanently and painlessly melt away.

The Vanquish device hovers about an inch over the designated area, emitting soothing radio waves. These radio waves differentiate skin, muscle, and fat densities to target only the cells that are undesired. Upon determining the fat cells, the radio waves produce heat, destroying the fat cells permanently and painlessly. These eliminated fat cells are released from the body over the next few days.

The Vanquish fat reduction treatment is utterly painless! In contrast, competing methods of fat reduction are more painful and less effective. In fact, many of our patients take a nap while undergoing their Vanquish treatments.

Scientific literature and the FDA report that typical results are 2-3 inch reductions in waist size. However, as all bodies are different and the targeted area may not be along the waist, results may vary.

Almost every patient sees results after the very first treatment. Fat cells targeted by Vanquish are permanently gone. Results can be immediate or noticed a month after the treatment as the body releases the destroyed fat cells. You should see maximum results one month after your final treatment.

BTL Industries has several applicators for Vanquish. Vanquish can target your abdomen including tummy, obliques, and lower abdomen and your upper legs including hips and thighs.