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5 Fall Self-Care Tips

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Utilize these 5 self-care tips to help you avoid burnout and prioritize you this fall. 

Fall is many people's favorite season. And it's no wonder why! Pumpkin spiced lattes, leaves changing colors, sweater weather. What more could you want?

Fall is a traditionally busy season for many as well. School is back in session, work deadlines approach, and holiday events begin to fill up the calendar. It's easy to succumb to the crazy calendar and let self-care take a back seat again. But we all know what happens when we don't prioritize self-care as we should. It leads to burnout, exhaustion, fatigue, and even depression. 

But the good news is that that doesn't have to be the case this fall! By making a self-care plan this fall, and sticking to it, you can avoid the pitfalls of exhaustion and fatigue. 

That's why we've come up with five self-care tips to help you stay on track this fall:  

  1. Don't be afraid to say no. 

It's tempting to say yes to everything. Every party, every event, every opportunity to help a friend or family member. But you really can't do it all. In fact, you even take away from the things you really care about by over-committing yourself and spreading yourself too thin. Decide ahead of time what you want to prioritize. Choose the major things you want to spend your time doing. Then say no to the rest!

And try not to feel guilty about it. You don't have to offer an explanation along with a “no”. Boundaries are an important part of your well being and functioning. After all, you're no good to the people around you if you run yourself dry. 

  1. Choose activities that are recharging. 

Recharging is a major key to true self-care. It's not enough to simply prioritize physical rest. It is also important to prioritize activities and hobbies that feel like recharging your battery. Things that bring you joy and decrease stress. 

This looks different for every person, so dig deep and ask yourself what you do that you truly enjoy. Don't force yourself to enjoy something. That's missing the point! Be honest with yourself and then decide that you are worth investing time and money into that thing. Maybe you love painting and want to sign up for a painting class! Or you love hiking but need to invest in some gear. Whatever it is, get after it and enjoy it. 

  1. Spend time with family and friends. 

Social support is a major aspect of self-care. It is difficult to cope with anything in life if you don't have a good support system. Identify who those people are for you and prioritize time spent with them. Maybe that looks like a weekly family dinner or Friday night drinks with the girls. Maybe it's coffee with a close friend or a church life group. You need a positive connection with other people to feel balanced, optimistic, and happy. Don't get too busy for the people you love. 

  1. Care for your physical body. 

It's easy to neglect your physical needs in a busy season. You drink a little more caffeine instead of getting more rest. You eat more fast food instead of cooking healthy, homemade meals. You push through the stress and negative emotions instead of slowing down to process what you're thinking and feeling. 

After a while though, these things take a toll. Neglecting physical needs can even lead to mental and emotional breakdowns that impair normal day-to-day function. You can avoid this by eating a nutritious diet, getting plenty of sleep, drinking water, and managing stress. 

  1. Treat yourself to something extra. 

It can't be all work and no play, right? Treating yourself to a little something extra is a great overall life incentive. Reward yourself for the hard work you put in. Do the thing you always fantasize about doing but never actually get around to. Maybe it's a spa treatment or corrective procedure. Maybe it's a vacation or a trip home to see family. 

The point is, give yourself something to look forward to. Something to be hopeful about and excited for. It's incredible how motivating that can be!

Whether you try one of these tips or not, make sure to take care of yourself this fall! Don't get to New Year's Eve with a whole list of resolutions because you are burnt out and exhausted. Make this fall a great season by first prioritizing YOU well!

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