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TRT THERAPY in Asheville, NC

How is hormone replacement therapy different at Biltmore Restorative Medicine & Aesthetics?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Asheville, NC | For Men & Women | Biltmore Restorative Medicine & Aesthetics

We treat both men AND women of all ages – whereas many practices only focus on Testosterone Replacement Therapy for elderly men

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What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Safe and effective hormone replacement therapy

You feel irritable and lethargic. You can't sleep at night, and your mood is off all day. You know something is wrong but don't know how to fix it. In addition, you are unable to stop gaining weight or build muscle. Many of these frustrating pain points point to a possible testosterone hormone imbalance, affecting both men and women.

Testosterone Hormone Therapy can be utilized in male hormone therapy and female hormone therapy to supplement the hormones created naturally. At our office in Asheville Testosterone Replacement Therapy is essential for regulating metabolism, promoting growth and cell replacement, and maintaining a healthy sex drive. We treat men AND women of all ages – many practices only focus on Testosterone Replacement Therapy for elderly men. Let our highly trained medical staff design a treatment plan for you that suits your individual needs.

About Biltmore Restorative Medicine & Aesthetics

A leader who cares

We have a Duke University assistant clinical professor of Urology on staff who distinguishes Biltmore from other medical spas. A physician's role is to supervise treatments and patient care, which is the cornerstone of Biltmore's practice. Dr. George Ibrahim is the go-to doctor for hormone optimization in both men and women. He specializes in hormone balancing, anti-aging, and sexual health. Because of his education and experience, Dr. George Ibrahim, the physician at Biltmore Restorative Medicine & Aesthetics, can provide some of the most cutting-edge treatments.

As a Duke-trained Board-Certified Urologist, Dr. Ibrahim has taken care of male hormone and sexual issues for over 30 years! He understands and has personal experience with how hormone optimization can be done safely and with fantastic benefits! As a urologist, Dr. Ibrahim and his staff understand the fundamentals of male testosterone optimization and that there is more than just looking to see if total testosterone is in the “range,” as there is a vast difference between what’s in the “range” and what is “optimal”!

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Most primary care physicians and “franchise” based practices just don’t have the experience that three decades of urology brings! We offer extended patient visits, personalized care, custom treatment plans based on each individual’s goals and needs. Finally, if desired, we offer non-invasive and surgical body contouring procedures for people who are interested in further enhancing their results with our state-of-the-art truSculpt-iD body contouring device.

Benefits of TRT Therapy

Change How You Think About Low T

Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Asheville from Biltmore Restorative Medicine & Aesthetics is a safe, effective way to balance hormones naturally and heal your body from symptoms related to hormone imbalance.

Look Great!

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Weight Loss

Studies show that obese men who undergo proper testosterone optimization lose on average 35 lbs. and decrease their body mass index! Muscle mass and strength improve, as do cholesterol and triglyceride levels, even lowering their blood pressure!

Feel Great!

Optimized hormone levels improve more than just your “looks”! Proper balancing will significantly reduce the risk of heart disease (the heart is, after all, just a muscle!), diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, and osteoporosis (which occurs in men and women).

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is directly related to low testosterone levels. With Testosterone Replacement Therapy Asheville patients can increase libido (sexual drive) and improve erections. Think about this: when you were in your 20’s, did you need a blue pill to “perform”? Of course not, because your testosterone levels were at their best. Most older men don’t need medication they never needed when younger. What they need are the hormonal levels of when they were younger! TRT will also improve memory and concentration, performance both in and outside the bedroom, and overall better quality of life!

The Biltmore Restorative Medicine TRT Program

  1. Schedule a Consultation by Clicking Here
  2. Discuss your health goals and personalized treatment plan.
  3. Diagnostic Lab Test & Full Panel Analysis (far more than just the total testosterone most providers measure)! Get your blood drawn. This can be done in our office or an outside office or lab.
  4. A pellet insertion (done by a trained surgeon or provider) may be done the same day if scheduled, or injection therapy may be discussed and taught to you, depending on your unique goals and priorities as discussed with your provider.
  5. Follow-up & Maintenance
    Follow-up visits will be scheduled to monitor and adjust as needed.
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Personal Story from a TRT Patient here in Asheville!

Here is what our patients have to say!


I was already losing weight, over 20 pounds, but I was still tired, had little sexual interest or libido, no motivation or focus, and my erections were pitiful! My progress in the gym had plateaued, no matter what I did. I worked out harder and longer, but nothing more was being accomplished!

I had heard great things about the program at Biltmore Restorative Medicine and how much better they were than these franchised “men’s clinics” that were popping up everywhere with their commissioned sales tactics and bait and switch deceptions, and finally decided to contact them. I’m so glad that I did! They tested for more than just my total testosterone, which my primary care physician had done, and told me my levels were “fine, that they were within the range.”

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Doctor Ibrahim showed me that only the lowest 2.5% of labs are labeled as “low” and that while my level of 322 was within the “range,” it was literally in the bottom 5 percentile of men! That’s low! But no one else could see that but them! I started on testosterone implants, and within a couple of weeks, my energy was back to its old self, my erections became impressive, and my motivation soared! My muscle mass and strength began to improve again.

I lost even more fat and looked 20 years younger, I must say! Go to Biltmore Restorative Medicine and see real providers who have the experience and knowledge that you will absolutely not find with these franchised men’s clinics or even your primary care physician, who just isn’t trained in the specifics of hormone replacement. Make your appointment today, don’t wait as I did. Do it now and start seeing the benefits immediately!”

- Recent Patient

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Some facts you should know!

We have every Testosterone Replacement Therapy accessible!

  • Men’s testosterone levels peak around the age of 25
  • By age 50, 100% of men have lost 50% of their peak levels! Yes, 100%!
  • By age 60, men are at 33% of their peak levels!
  • By age 70, men are at 25% of their peak levels!
  • When women go through menopause, their levels typically drop to zero! As in “undetectable”!

Think of it like this: If you have a high-end sports car, you can drive it with the tires ½ or ⅓ inflated, it will drive, but will it perform? NO. That’s a fact! Men aren’t deficient in the little blue pill in middle age; they didn’t need it when younger. Men and women need their optimal testosterone levels.


It's well known that low testosterone levels can have a negative impact on overall health, but data shows that higher levels of testosterone led to a decrease in death from COVID-19.

Studies have shown that men with low testosterone are more likely to experience severe symptoms and death rates compared with men with higher testosterone levels. This is because testosterone plays a vital role in the immune system, and low levels can make you more vulnerable to infection. What happens is that when your body doesn't have enough testosterone, it can't produce the antibodies needed to fight off infection. When you have low T, you're also more likely to have other health problems that can make COVID symptoms worse. At Biltmore Restorative in Asheville Testosterone Replacement Therapy can help.

The studies are showing that men with low T and COVID notice more severe symptoms like:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Muscle weakness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Low Testosterone Evaluation at Biltmore

Your testosterone levels naturally decline as you age. Your doctor will work with you to identify whether this is related to aging or other reasons. We do the following evaluations at our Asheville location:

  • Provider Assessment of data for a clear hormonal understanding.
  • A tailored treatment plan to meet deficiencies.
  • In-office blood draw.

Testosterone Treatment Options

Optimize and Improve

With Testosterone Replacement Therapy, our mission is to optimize your hormones and help curb any symptoms you may be experiencing. Your treatment options vary depending on your unique situation. Typically most men will choose either self-administered testosterone injections or under the skin testosterone implants (commonly called pellets). Women have the choice of testosterone implants or topical creams.

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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction, like low testosterone, is common.

The lack of a morning erection is the first indicator of Erectile Dysfunction. If this is the case for you, schedule an appointment at Biltmore to have your hormones evaluated. Many men are unaware that ED may be improved in a variety of ways. ED is caused by a blood flow problem 80% of the time.

Loss of morning erections, loss of erection strength, failure to keep an erection during entire intercourse, and inability to maintain an erection for intercourse are all symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. These alterations may be aided by Testosterone Replacement Therapy. When any of these changes occur, Biltmore offers a variety of therapies to improve erectile quality.

Why Choose Biltmore Restorative Medicine & Aesthetics?

The Difference-Maker

We have lab testing services on-site, so you won't have to go to another facility to have your blood taken. Everything is done in-house! For men and women, Biltmore offers tailored Testosterone and Hormone Replacement Therapy. The following is included in your personalized treatment plan:

  • Bio-Identical Hormones from a Highly Trained Provider
  • Comprehensive Hormone Testing
  • Injections, pellets, and topicals are all viable options for testosterone treatment.
  • Individualized Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) - Matching Solutions with Symptoms 

Discover a new lease on life with Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Asheville at Biltmore Restorative Medicine & Aesthetics!

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Trust your testosterone replacement needs to the experts.

Biltmore Restorative Medicine & Aesthetics is a hormone treatment center specializing in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women. We work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs.

Our medical staff is highly trained and specializes in restoring sexual function through Hormone Replacement Therapy, as well as helping those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, age-related weight gain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other symptoms related to hormone imbalance. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms due to low testosterone production, contact us now so we can begin a free consultation process. The simple fact is that we can’t stop time from progressing. Nothing will stop the decline. Diet, exercise, and meditation are all great but will do nothing to prevent the loss of optimal hormonal levels. So make your appointment and start getting your life back on track!

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Biltmore Restorative Medicine and Aesthetics was built for you. We know you don’t trust your look to just anyone. You want the best. Our experienced and industry-leading regenerative medicine providers give you unparalleled personal care and will help you maximize your vitality for years to come.

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