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Get The Butt You Want; With No Squats And No Surgery

An Instant BBL using dermal fillers can enhance your appearance, boost your confidence and sensuality, and improve the way you look and feel in clothes, swimwear, and more. Not only can this Non-Surgical BBL give you a rounded, full booty, but it can also be adjusted and refined over time with touch-up sessions to maintain or update your desired booty shape.

Instant Non-Surgical BBL at Biltmore Restorative Sexual Wellness and Aesthetics

At Biltmore Restorative, we are fully committed to delivering outstanding and naturally beautiful results, no matter the complexity of the procedure or treatment. Led by the expertise of restorative medicine specialist Dr. George Ibrahim, our team works closely with each patient to customize their treatment, including those seeking an Instant BBL in Asheville, and be sure that their treatment plan aligns with their unique aesthetic goals.

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What is an Instant BBL?

An Instant BBL using dermal filler is a non-surgical, minimally invasive aesthetic procedure used to enhance and reshape the appearance of the buttocks, providing patients with a fuller, smoother, or more youthful look without the need for surgery.

This treatment utilizes Radiesse to achieve instant and natural-looking results. Unlike surgical BBL (Brazilian butt lift) procedures that require a long and sometimes painful recovery period, an Instant BBL using Radiesse provides immediate results, and patients can see a noticeable improvement in the shape and size of their buttocks right away. The fluid absorbs into the body after a few days, and then the body begins producing collagen, replacing this fluid. By 12 weeks, you should be able to see the results you saw immediately after the procedure. And it’s all natural! Your body makes the collagen!

What can an Instant BBL do for me?

This non-surgical BBL procedure can be a game-changer for those seeking butt enhancement without the risks and recovery associated with surgery. Our Asheville Instant BBL patients see benefits like:

  • Achieve a fuller, more shapely, and well-defined buttock area that enhances your overall body contours
  • Dermal fillers can provide either a natural or dramatic outcome, depending on your preference
  • Unlike surgical alternatives, there's minimal downtime associated with this treatment, allowing you to return to your daily activities sooner
  • Since it's a non-surgical approach, there are no incisions or scars

Am I a candidate for an Instant BBL?

If you're looking to add volume to a flat booty, fill out hip dips, or boost projection, you are likely a good candidate for this procedure. With the Instant BBL Asheville patients can also address surface cellulite, balance unevenness, and soften stretch marks. In general, patients should be in good health before undergoing an Instant BBL to ensure proper healing.

Consultation and Preparation

Our primary goal at a consultation is to find the treatment that is perfect for you and your aesthetic and wellness needs. If we determine together that an Instant BBL is ideal, we will discuss a detailed treatment plan and provide specifics on how to prepare for this procedure.


Our skilled injectors will use medical-grade needles to strategically administer dermal filler into the buttocks at a variety of points in order to create a fuller, rounder, more balanced look. This procedure is performed using topical or local anesthetic for maximum comfort, but no general anesthesia is required, and it typically takes around 30 minutes.

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Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

There is no required downtime after an Instant BBL, however, you will want to avoid putting too much pressure on the area for several days. Results are immediate, but you may see some slight changes as the filler settles, and they can last anywhere from six months to two years, depending on the type of filler used.

Why Biltmore?

Biltmore Restorative Medicine

Our team is dedicated to personalizing each aspect of your treatment to align perfectly with your individual well-being and aesthetic goals, ensuring that the results are suited to your unique needs. Located in Asheville, NC, Biltmore Restorative is committed to providing a blend of expertise and compassion to each of our patients in a relaxing environment. Dr. Ibrahim and the entire Biltmore Restorative team are the leading providers of restorative medicine in Asheville and are dedicated to assisting you in achieving your optimal look and improved wellness.

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Instant BBL
Frequently Asked Questions

Injectable dermal fillers are considered very tolerable by most patients, and topical anesthesia can be used to provide maximum comfort.

While this procedure is very safe when performed by a trained and skilled professional, some possible side effects do include inflammation, bruising, lumpiness, or, in rare cases, infection.

This is not a permanent treatment, and the length of results will depend on the type of dermal filler used and the rate at which your body metabolizes the serum.

Yes, for most patients, you will see immediate results. When a collagen-stimulating filler is used, such as Radiesse, you will see even more gradual improvement over time. Your body will initially absorb the fluid, then your body begins developing its own collagen and after 12 weeks, you will see your full results.

This will depend on the scope of treatment and your personalized treatment plan.

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