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Women Sexual Health in Asheville, NC

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Explore the many options, from vaginal rejuvenation to stress incontinence, tightening, and orgasm enhancement.

Biltmore Restorative Medicine and Aesthetics specialize in diagnosing and treating Women's Sexual Health issues in Asheville. Sexual issues can arise at any point in one's life. Many factors could contribute to these sexual problems, such as hormone changes, menopause, hysterectomies, delivery, and much more. The experts at Biltmore Restorative Medicine & Aesthetics are trained to assist you with your sexual health needs and help you achieve the best health possible while improving your quality of life.

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Did you know that studies show that 10% of women have never experienced an orgasm?

A sense of well-being is priceless.

Sexual issues can arise at any point in one's life. Many factors could contribute to these sexual problems, such as hormone changes, menopause, hysterectomies, delivery, and much more. It used to be that the only treatment offered to women was vaginal estrogen, topical testosterone, or psychotherapy. No longer!

Fortunately, there are now non-surgical alternatives to prevent these things from occurring. If you are a woman experiencing any sexual problems, speak with our specialists about your options. With so many treatment options available, it's essential to talk with the experts about which treatment is best for your Asheville Women's Sexual Health plan.

Introducing the O-Shot!

Rediscover Sexual Satisfaction

The O-Shot technique is a painless, non-surgical procedure performed in our Asheville clinic. Growth factors, stimulated by the treatment, encourage vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation and alleviate urinary stress incontinence. Go here to learn more about this amazing procedure:

Check Out the Juliet Feminine Laser Treatment for Vaginal Rejuvenation in Asheville

treat the symptoms

The procedure is a quick, painless, hormone-free (no HRT) therapy for gynecological health that benefits women of all ages and with a variety of sexuality and intimate experiences.

The laser increases blood flow and enhances the mucosa on vaginal walls by reaching the deep submucosal layers, enhancing hydration and function, making this therapy more effective than rivals. No other feminine laser can match its effectiveness. Need something to treat the symptoms of vaginal atrophy and dryness, vaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS), and stress urinary incontinence? Learn more about how the Juliet Feminine Laser treatment can help you.

Female Urinary Stress Incontinence

Don't Suffer In Silence

Female Urinary Stress Incontinence is when urine leaks when you laugh, cough, sneeze, or exercise. It can also occur during your periods and pregnancy. Some doctors refer to it as Pregnancy Incontinence due to how common it is during pregnancy. Bladder weakness (stress) incontinence occurs when you cannot hold in your urine. It is a result of weakened pelvic floor muscles that can no longer support your bladder.

The pelvic floor muscles are like a hammock that supports your bladder and uterus (womb). If they become weak, they cannot support these organs properly, which causes leakage. Sometimes surgery is required for treatment, but many non-surgical treatments can help reduce symptoms, such as pelvic floor muscle training, biofeedback, medication, and lifestyle changes such as losing weight or avoiding heavy lifting. Our provider will assess your needs during your consultation to determine the right treatment plan for you.

Get urinary stress incontinence treatments at our Asheville location, as well as the rest of our amazing wellness treatments. 

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If you miss this stop in life:: rewind, unwind, and get your life together at Biltmore Restorative Medicine. Dr. George Ibrihim and his wonderful team are there to help!

March 24, 2017
Rated 5 out of 5

I have been a patient since Oct 2013. The staff is wonderful and Dr. Ibrahim is great. He listened to my concerns and guided me in the right direction and the right treatment. Now I am on my third testosterone pellet. My energy level is amazing. I am no longer sluggish and too tired after.

July 25, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5

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Biltmore Restorative Medicine & Aesthetics has specialists that can help with a myriad of issues when it comes to your Women's Sexual Health. Our staff is well trained and knowledgeable in treating male and female sexual dysfunction, such as low desire, pain during intercourse, or difficulty reaching orgasm.

Many factors can cause these symptoms, including hormonal changes, menopause, hysterectomies, delivery (C-section), and more. Some women suffering from these conditions can develop negative emotions about their bodies or relationships, which further complicate matters causing them to give up on sex altogether. Our doctors are here to provide minimally invasive care for treatment options. We strive to provide the best Women's Sexual Health Asheville has to offer. Schedule your consultation today so you can get back to living your life!

Women’s Sexual Health
Frequently Asked Questions

The first step in learning about your Women's Sexual Health is understanding what's normal for you. This means understanding how often you feel sexually aroused and how easily and quickly you achieve an orgasm. If any of these issues affect your life or negatively impact your marriage or relationship, don't hesitate to ask our experts for help. Your provider will be able to give you advice on how to go about finding solutions for these issues so that you can enjoy your sex life again!

Spotting and bruising are essentially the only risks.

Your treatment plan is personalized to meet your specific needs. Therefore, the costs will vary with each patient.

Most sexual wellness therapies are not covered by medical insurance.

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