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Arthritis & Joint Pain Can be Helped by Healthy Hormone Levels

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Did you know that “inflammation” is the root of nearly all diseases and health problems? It is! I 'm here to let you in on another secret: optimal hormone levels may significantly help these aches and pains! Think about it – when you were younger and pain-free, your hormones were at their peak. As you age, these hormone levels drop.

So when I set about learning more about bio-identical hormones and how to use them properly, one of the subjects discussed addressed inflammation and how hormones help most people. You may be asking yourself, “how?” Well, there are some things we don 't know, but we do know that we 've seen positive results, and many patients have finally found relief from their persistent aches and pains.

One fateful day, a rheumatologist who happened to be female and of menopause age, was on my schedule. She booked an appointment with Biltmore Restorative for two reasons. One, she was in menopause and was suffering with her symptoms, and two, she had started to see a trend among her own patients.

She was seeing a patient one Monday, and went to refill his medication. The patient said he had plenty and didn't need a refill. After more questions, it was discovered that he had started visiting Biltmore Restorative and doing hormones since his last visit with the rheumatologist

Then on Wednesday, she went to refill a different patient 's medications and she also replied that she had plenty and was not in need of a refill yet. Come to find out, she had started coming to Biltmore Restorative for hormones since their last visit. 

Well, this time she thought about me a little more this was twice in three days she heard my name. 

Then on Friday, she was refilling a patient 's medications and when he said, “I don 't need them,” she asked, “have you been seeing Dr. Ibrahim?” The patient, slightly stunned, said “Yes, how did you know!” 

True story! So, if you 're suffering the same and not optimizing your hormone levels, you may want to give us a shout! Visit our wellness and anti-aging center to learn more about our hormone services or give us a call at (828) 505-2885

All the best,

Dr. Ibrahim

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