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New Technology with Patient Comfort in Mind

It’s no secret that we at Biltmore Restorative Medicine pride ourselves on investing in technologies that help deliver safer and more comfortable experiences for our patients. As part of this effort, we have acquired a device (the Vibration Anesthesia Device) that works to reduce patient discomfort during procedures that require injections, such as botox. The small, unintimidating device delivers a simple vibration to the skin during the procedure and is completely safe.

The Vibration Anesthesia Device works to reduce pain by actually introducing an additional sensation (vibration) to the skin. The technique utilizes the “Gate Theory of Pain” which states that when the body encounters multiple stimuli, the brain doesn’t know which signal to detect. In other words, patients feel less pain from needle insertion because the brain is also detecting a strong vibration on the skin.

Proven technologies like this help set us apart in the medical aesthetics field. Make your experience an enjoyable (and painless) one at Biltmore Restorative Medicine. Call today! 828 398-4488

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