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Empowering Men to be Better

Men, let's face it, often times we tend to put our own self care on the back burner or worse, ignore it completely. Most men equate self care with a pizza and your favorite adult beverage in front of the TV. The truth is that self care is about mindfully improving your overall mental and physical well being. When you focus on self care, your mental health improves, you are more productive at work and home, and your overall stress level is reduced. Men, it's time to talk about what you can do to feel, look and love better, because being your best self is never a thing of the past.

Feel Better!

Remember when you had more energy than a labrador puppy? When you weren't falling asleep after dinner every evening? A lot of your energy and stamina comes from testosterone. All, not some, but all men have lost half of their testosterone by the age of 50, and by the age of 60 are down to a third of their peak. This means you! But unfortunately most men are unaware that their low energy and lost youth are often due to decreased testosterone. So what can you do to fix this? See a doctor, but not just any doctor. See the doctor that is an expert in HRT (hormone replacement therapy) like George K. Ibrahim M.D., a Board Certified Urologist and hormone expert, trained to help men (and women) regain their youthful vigor and natural hormonal balance.

Look Better!

You appreciate it when she goes the extra mile to look good for you and herself. Why not treat her back? Procedures like botox, that erase crow's feet and brow wrinkles, benefit men as much as they do women. And Biltmore Restorative Medicine & Aesthetic serves more male clients than any other aesthetic practice in the area.
Hair removal is also traditionally viewed as a “women only” procedure, but those days are over! Men also struggle with hair in unwelcome places and rather than constantly fight the razor burn, cuts and endless stubble, laser hair removal permanently and virtually painlessly removes hair. This was good news for most men, but men with blonde or grey hair were excluded from treatment due to the light pigment in their hair. That is also a thing of the past. Biltmore Restorative is pleased to offer hair removal for all hair types and colors, giving you complete control over your hair removal.

Love Better!

Decreased testosterone levels have a significant impact on your love life as well. As you age, the effects of lower testosterone decrease your stamina, sensitivity, and performance. Get back your vitality and talk to Dr. Ibrahim about procedures like the P-Shot, a procedure that takes your body's own healing factors to naturally enhance your own abilities. Or, opt for the instant results men achieve with Girthmax;, a procedure that safely increases circumference for years to come.
Don't rely on $40 blue pills as a temporary band-aid, you deserve to live your best life. Call Biltmore Restorative Medicine & Aesthetics at 828-505-2885 to schedule your consultation today. Be better today.

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