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Enhance Your Life with the Juliet Feminine Laser

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Dr. George Ibrahim from Biltmore Restorative Medicine shares the incredible benefits of the Juliet Vaginal Rejuvenation laser, commonly used to treat stress urinary incontinence or SUI, to decrease labia size and dark appearance, and to enhance the female sexual experience.

Urologists specialize in urinary problems in both men and women. As a Duke trained urologist, oncologist, surgeon, and associate clinical professor, Dr. Ibrahim has been treating these issues as well as teaching other doctors in this discipline for over thirty years. He has also been a national speaker for Cutera, the laser distributor, where he has educated other providers on the use of this device.

If you haven’t seen Dr. Ibrahim’s video explaining stress urinary incontinence in greater detail, click here for some helpful background information.

The Juliet Vaginal Rejuvenation laser, or Juliet, helps women with SUI to regenerate more youthful, stronger, more supple tissues in the area needed to remain dry when coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising, and bending over. This device also greatly enhances the sensory experience and orgasmic response in nearly all patients.

The Juliet was developed initially to help women suffering from SUI who could not take estrogen due to conflicting problems like breast cancer. This simple procedure also benefits those who take estrogen.

The laser is virtually painless, as seen with one of Biltmore’s patients mentioned below. Ultra-fast bursts of laser energy penetrate the vaginal tissues, which stimulate the body to begin a repair and regeneration process using the bodies own specialized cells. There are virtually no side effects, as nothing is done other than stimulating your own body to rejuvenate the areas treated.

This rejuvenation process will increase vaginal moisture and stimulate new tissue growth with more supple, stronger, sensitive tissues, thus improving, if not eliminating, those pesky leaks of SUI and enhancing orgasmic responses.

For many people, results are immediate, while for others results may take more time. Typically, a series of three treatments completed one month apart are performed.

Biltmore Restorative screens patients carefully, and if you have severe incontinence, they may refer you to a urologist for surgery. Patients with diabetes, people who smoke, or overweight patients may need more than three initial treatments.

Paula, a patient at Biltmore, has undergone both the O-Shot and Juliet vaginal laser treatment. She shares about her experience with the Juliet laser, describing the sensation as a light, internal tapping.

“I was out of the office in less than an hour, with no discomfort at all. And I was dry that same day! My results lasted nearly 14 months, which never got back to the degree I first had, and it’s been nearly 18 months since my second O-shot. I’m having no problems at all, and my orgasms are still far more intense.”

So, stop the leaking, and ramp up the intimate experience. You have nothing to lose with this completely safe and painless procedure. Schedule your consultation today, and be confident you are getting the most experienced providers in the area!

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