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Skin Tightening, Body Contouring and Fat Removal

New Vanquish Flex Applicator Offers Beach-Ready Thighs Without Surgery

BTL Industries, a world leader in skin tightening, body contouring and fat removal, introduces its new Vanquish Flex applicator for use on the thighs and saddlebags. Harnessing the first-of-its-kind Vanquish RF technology for the abdomen, the non-surgical Flex hovers over upper legs to deliver selective radio frequency energy to heat the deep tissue layer. The non-contact Flex device for regaining shapely thighs became available in select countries in North and South America earlier this year following high professional success in Europe.
Flex offers a great treatment for upper legs that is affordable for my patients who are enjoying fantastic results to help improve their overall body image and health. This non-invasive method for reducing thigh circumference shows a statistically significant reduction in thigh circumference of 2.425 cm or nearly one inch after four treatments. Vanquish Flex uses a 2-panel system without touching the patient directly for a safe and comfortable treatment. Full results are achieved in 4 to 6 weeks spaced about one week apart with continuous improvements seen over the next month or so. And our patients report no pain, discomfort or adverse effects associated with treatment.
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