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How Hormone Therapy can help you heal Post-Op

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There are things that we know intuitively – but wow – to see them in real life can be fascinating! One of these incredible stories revolves around one of our patients, and how fast they were able to recover after their injury-related surgery! It has been reported by patients and surgeons alike; Patients with optimal hormone levels from hormone therapy and in some, higher growth hormone levels, tend to recover at a much faster rate, as in a remarkably faster rate!

In fact, a few surgeons have literally been telling all of their elective case patients waiting for hip replacements, knee surgery, gall bladder removal, etc. that if want to really recover quickly, that they need to consider seeing us at Biltmore Restorative Medicine and Aesthetics prior to their surgery to explore hormone therapy options.

One patient, a former Clemson scholarship basketball player, said he's had his knee operated on 4 times over the decades by the same surgeon. After his last knee operation he saw a faster recovery rate than the prior surgeries, with him now in his early 60's! This was incredible to see, said the patient and the surgeon, then when he was much younger!

The surgeon even remarked: “Bob, what are you doing? You've recovered as if you were 25 years old! This is amazing!”

Well, he's optimizing his hormone levels and testosterone with hormone therapy, to about that of a 25-year-old! And boy oh boy, did he see the vast improvement!

True stories!

So, if you're suffering the same and not optimizing your levels, you may want to give us a shout! 

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