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How to tell if you have Low T (Testosterone)

Dr. George Ibrahim

Today men are being inundated by targeted ads from everywhere when it comes to addressing their "low T" levels!

  • Hims
  • Roman
  • Cenergenics
  • And every "supplement" known to man it seems
  • Etc!

Why are we hearing so much about testosterone levels declining?

Very simply, sex "sells"! And the lack of testosterone in men and women means less sex, and people typically want more sex, and will pay to have it! But there is more to low testosterone than just sex.

Here's the deal:

  • 100% of men start "losing" testosterone beginning in their mid-20's. And by the time a guy is 50 years old, he's literally down nearly 50% of where he was at his peak! Do you think your sports car performs well with its tires "half" inflated? You can probably still drive it, but it won't perform nearly as well as it did with full tires and neither does a guy who has lost half of his testosterone!
  • Men's version of "menopause" is "andropause", does this sound familiar:
    • Falling asleep after dinner!
    • Inability to put that "muscle" back on, and take that "fat" off, no matter how hard you're working out
    • Loss of motivation
    • Loss of focus
    • Erections that leave you through the fun
    • Just don't have the energy you used to
  • Men aren't the only ones affected. Women begin losing testosterone as they age, just like men. In turn, they also see decreases in libido, energy, muscle mass, and so forth. And when women hit menopause, they literally stop making ANY ovarian testosterone!. If you can only imagine the drop off at this point!

But my primary care doctor says my testosterone levels are "normal"

Baloney! That's like saying those tires are "normal" just because they aren't fully flat! Basically, your primary care doctor doesn't know the deep details needed to properly evaluate you. That's not their fault, they have a million other things they do know, in depth, but hormones are not one of them. You need to be evaluated by someone who specifically treats for hormone imbalances and completely understands this science.

So how do I fix this problem?

The only phone call you should be making is to a competent, highly specialized, provider who does hormone work as a focus. You want to be as choosey with this physician as you would be picking out your next set of golf clubs! Just as golf clubs come in all sorts of varieties based on your swing speed, height, level of experience, so does the treatment for low testosterone. All men are different. Even men of the same age will have dramatically different needs. A one size fits all approach, like that used by these franchise phone clinic-based methods, typically treat men according to a formula that they literally have in front of them. A "checklist" that they apply to all callers.

You want your care formulated exactly for what you need. And just like you would never buy your golf clubs by talking to someone in a remote location who has never seen you in person, don't trust your health to this method either.

Look for these qualities:

  • Urologists are physicians who specialize in men's care, just as gynecologists specialize in women's health
  • Someone who has experience in hormone balancing as a focus of their practice, not as something that they do a few times a month
  • A practice where you can speak to the same person, as everyone will need to be "adjusted" as your treatments are being created just for you, and speaking to a different person on the phone will not result in what is called "continuity of care"

But I can get a "cheap" consult, over the phone, and have my meds shipped to me.

Yes, you can. And you have no idea who is on the other end of that call. These "phone banks" of so-called "doctors" may be upstanding, or they may be physicians who couldn't make it in the real world seeing patients, for all sorts of reasons. You probably look at restaurant ratings before trying a new place out where you're going to spend some money, but you have no idea what kind of doctor is on the other end at these phone mills.

And by definition, you're probably going to get the same "evaluation" that the guy right before you got and the guy right after you will get, regardless of the differences in age, health, and specific other underlying medical conditions!

What you really need a real doctor who can explain "how" to take these "viagra" type of meds. Did you know some won't work for 3-4 hours if you've had more than a few crackers for dinner? Or that some can be done as a lozenge and will work in minutes? Have you been told, "Face is red, time for bed!" before? If the answer to these questions is "no, no one ever told me that", well, that's why your prior pill probably didn't work so well!

Your momma always said, "you get what you pay for" and she was right! Cheap shortcuts are no way to address your penis and it's function! See a real, qualified, experienced provider at Biltmore Restorative today!

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