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Men Have Hormones Too

Men have traditionally only gone to see a physician when they have to. When they are sick or hurt. Most younger, less informed males work at avoiding going to the doctor unless something really hurts. Chain saw accidents, bear maulings and broken beer bottle removals come to mind as “cool” trips to the doctor.
Well as you grow older, and hopefully better informed, you learn that doctors don't go to school for 20 extra years just so they can get called doctor at the country club - they may have actually picked up a couple of useful tid-bits along the way.
Male hormone replacement is one of those mystical things that not everyone knows about, but as it becomes more popular - as it has with women - men are starting to learn that some of what they are chalking up to “getting older” may in fact just be hormone imbalances - imbalances that can be fixed. Some men have referred to male hormone replacement as turning back the clock, saying they feel 10 sometimes 20 years younger. Learn more at Biltmore Restorative today by scheduling your consultation at (828) 505-2885.

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