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Oxytocin: The Miracle Hormone For Pleasure And Weight Loss

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Oxytocin, also referred to as the “love hormone,” is a hormone produced by both women and men that leads to so many amazing benefits. Taking oxytocin increased pleasure and weight loss.

For starters, when both men and women orgasm, oxytocin is released, creating that intense feeling of pleasure. And if the hormone is taken before having sex, both men and women report a more intense experience. Oxytocin is the gift that keeps on giving as it stimulates the production of even more oxytocin.

Yes, you read that right. Oxytocin multiplies leading to even more satisfying sex.

Oxytocin also plays a part in emotional bonding. When women breastfeed, oxytocin is released, strengthening that bond between the nursing “mother” and baby. This is why “wet-nurses” cared so much for the child that they provided milk for. The hormone creates a natural bond.

That isn't the only benefit for breastfeeding mothers, however. Oxytocin also helps to shrink the uterus. After birth, when the baby begins to suckle, oxytocin is released, which helps to establish the bond described above, but it also stimulates the uterus to contract.

This also means that when the hormone is released during sex, uterine contraction leads to more intense orgasms.

And the benefits of oxytocin just keep getting better and better! Recent research has shown that oxytocin can help you lose weight as well!

Taking oxytocin helps to substitute the desire to get comfort from food with pleasurable feelings that are equally as enjoyable. When oxytocin is administered, compared to placebo, subjects were found to eat fewer calories per meal and experience significant weight loss! 

Oxytocin also improves your sensitivity. As you age, your cells lose much of their response sensitivity and oxytocin helps restore it. This leads to better carbohydrate metabolism, rather than storing those calories as fat! Many have found that taking oxytocin at the start of each day leads to the following benefits:

  • More pleasurable orgasms
  • Improved mood
  • More satisfying relationships
  • Improved appearance
  • More consistent daily routines

Wondering how it is administered? It's as easy as a nasal spray or a lollipop!

For more information about the benefits of oxytocin, and other hormone treatments we offer, contact us today at Biltmore Restorative! Let us tell you even more about this natural hormone and how it can improve your life!

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