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P-Shot for Male Enhancement: Your Questions Answered

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What is the P-Shot?

The Priapus Shot is a procedure designed to increase male satisfaction. It works by improving the appearance and feel of the penis. Men may experience firmer erections, increased sexual stamina, and sensitivity. The results can also include better blood flow and circulation to the area, as well as greater sexual pleasure.

The P-Shot uses your body's own material, specifically the platelet-rich plasma taken from your own blood. This type of treatment is an exciting new aspect of sports medicine and orthopedics. It may help in soft tissue and bone healing. Overall, PRP therapy uses the body's own growth factors to promote recovery.

In essence, PRP promotes swelling in order to speed up healing. That's one of the reasons why doctors who use PRP to assist people with sports injuries recommend not using anti-inflammatory medicines at the same time. Due to the biological mechanisms at work in PRP therapy, men who get the P-Shot may experience swelling as one side effect.

Who Should Get the P-Shot?

Almost any man who wants to experience better sexual health could consider the P-Shot. Although the procedure is still new, there have been few serious side effects reported. The P-Shot is a potential therapy for men of all ages who want to improve or enhance their sexual life.

It may also help with specific medical conditions, such as Peyronie's Disease, where the penis has bumps and is bent during erections. Some men with this condition experience pain during sex. Traditional treatments for Peyronie's Disease, such as surgery to remove scar tissue, may be uncomfortable or invasive. The P-Shot may provide relief for those men who are good candidates for the procedure.

The P-Shot may also help with erectile dysfunction. Use of platelet-rich plasma was included in a 2019 scientific paper on current approaches to treat ED. It may be a good alternative for men who would otherwise have several injections as part of traditional ED treatment. The P-Shot is just one doctor's visit, with potentially long-lasting results.

What Happens During the Procedure?

The P-Shot is administered in the doctor's office, through a series of injections into the penis. The entire process takes as little as an hour. That time usually includes the initial consult, preparation, extraction of platelets, and injections into the area.

First, a numbing cream is applied to the penis. This reduces or eliminates any feeling you may have during the procedure. After this has taken effect, you may feel only pain on par with a quick shot to the buttocks.

Then, a medical professional takes a blood sample from your arm. This blood is run through specialized equipment, such as a centrifuge, to separate the platelet-rich plasma. Then, the PRP is injected into specific areas of the penis.

If you get the P-Shot for Peyronie's Disease or another special condition, the doctor may use an ultrasound to guide the injections. If an ultrasound is required, it may take a bit longer to complete the procedure.

Some patients may use a penis pump on a daily basis for a few weeks following the procedure. This is designed to optimize the effects of receiving the shot. Your doctor can explain in more detail how you can support the results at home.

How Long is the Recovery Time?

You can leave the doctor's office immediately after getting the P-Shot. Your doctor will give you a treatment plan and contact information if you have any further concerns. It may take a bit of time for you to feel comfortable after the procedure.

Are There Any Side Effects?

You may notice several physical side effects. These include tenderness, bruising, lumps, redness, and firmness. The use of a pump after the procedure may also result in increased size, and possibly erections. You may experience some discomfort as the numbing cream wears off, although any pain should be minimal.

How Long Do Results Last?

Experts in the procedure claim the P-Shot can lead to 10-20 percent increased girth. These results can last for several months. Most men choose to maintain the improvement produced by their P-Shot by scheduling one every 12 months or so. By working with your doctor, you can determine your personal health goals for the procedure. Then, you can develop individualized timelines for follow-up and additional intervention if needed.

Is the P-Shot Covered By Insurance?

The P-Shot is a quick and efficient procedure. Its results may last for a significant period of time, with little need for follow up visits. For those reasons, many men see the P-Shot as an affordable way to enhance their sexual health.

Your doctor can give you more information about pricing. In addition, your insurance provider and the medical clinic can tell you if your plan covers the cost of the procedure. Coverage and pricing depend on the patient, the plan, and the reasons for choosing the P-Shot treatment.

Where Can I Learn More?

Since the P-Shot is a medical procedure, it is essential to speak with a doctor who understands how it works. The professionals at Biltmore Restorative Medicine & Aesthetics are well-versed in a variety of innovative medical techniques. Get in touch today to learn more about their services, including how the P-Shot may be right for you.

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