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Hormones, Weight Loss

Bio Identical Hormone Therapy and Weight Loss

How Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Can Be Helpful in Weight Loss

Your brain plays an important role in keeping your body healthy and controlling the aging process. It achieves these functions by adjusting, interpreting and translating the hormones produced by various organs through out your body. As you approach your mid to late 30’s the effectiveness of your brain to command these other important body organs to produce hormones begins to diminish. The diminished hormone levels make it harder to lose weight.
At the age of 30, the production of important hormones begins to decrease and by 40, there is typically a measurable loss of estrogen in women and testosterone in men. Most individuals will also experience losses of other hormones like parathyroid, DHEA, calcitonin and progesterone hormones as well. The loss of these hormones make your weight loss efforts exceptionally challenging. It is only through hormone therapy that weight loss is realistic.
Recent research has further highlighted that not all hormones are helpful in weight loss efforts and the regulation of these hormones is very important. This has helped focus attention on the production of various new bioidentical hormone replacement therapy techniques.
Bioidentical hormones, in their natural form, offer both more effective and safer alternatives when compared to the earlier synthetic options. This is because they are extracted from natural sources making their molecular structure much more comparable to that of the hormones already produced by your body.
Bioidentical hormones are not new in the medical field. They have demonstrated fewer side effects and better results has resulted in their rapid acceptance among the medical community. It is for this reason that many women include natural hormone replacement as a integral part of their diet and weight loss efforts.
Remember that the reduced hormone levels in your body are reversible and that Dr. George Ibrahim and Biltmore Restorative Medicine can help you correct many of these hormone imbalances and get you back on a much more successful path to proper weight loss.

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