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Shining a Spotlight on Stress Urinary Incontinence

Have questions about the Juliet laser and O-shot procedures? Geroge K. Ibrahim M.D. explains on Spotlight Carolina the benefits of these painless, no downtime procedures that dramatically improve stress urinary incontinence AND sexual response.

Today women have a hard time talking about stress urinary incontinence, why?

Most women do not know that minor leaks can be fixed without surgery, and, as women have for years, they've just learned to deal with it. Stress urinary incontinence is a major issue, with over 60% of all women over the age of 45 suffering from this problem. And nearly all women who have had children will experience incontinence at some point in their life. Stress urinary incontinence is extremely common, and for most women, we can improve, if not cure it without surgery.

What non-surgical treatments are available?

At Biltmore Restorative Medicine, we offer two solutions for stress urinary incontinence: the Juliet laser and the O-shot. We are the only practice in the area with this dual approach ability. As a Board Certified Urologist I've done hundreds of surgeries in the past, and if I had had the Juliet laser and the O-Shot then, I probably could have prevented 85% of my patients from having to undergo a surgical option.

Can you explain more about how the Juliet laser and O-shot can help?

The Juliet laser stimulates the tissues responsible for helping a woman stay dry, essentially reversing some of the effects of aging and childbirth. The Juliet laser causes very little, if any discomfort, and unlike some of its competitors, it penetrates far more effectively, resulting in a better chance at improvement or cure.
The O-shot is completely different. Here we take a woman's blood and separate out the healing factors or platelets. We then inject them, painlessly, into the area that helps maintain continence. The body then responds to these healing factors and as with the Juliet laser, incontinence is almost always improved or cured.

Why should I come to Biltmore Restorative Medicine for these procedures?

Urologists are specially trained to treat incontinence and I've had years of not just training, but surgical and clinical experience as well. I'm also the only such physician with both the Juliet laser and the O-shot. So our combination of training, experience, and the latest technology, make Biltmore Restorative Medicine one of the leading providers in treating stress urinary incontinence.
We are also a certified training center for the Juliet laser and the O-shot. This means we are always on the cutting edge of technology, providing the best treatments for our patients and the best training for our staff and other physicians.

Is there any downtime and how long does it last?

There is no downtime! Patients walk out of the office, and the majority report being cured or better, that day!
Results may last from a few years to a lifetime. There are essentially no risks, it's painless, and patients don't have to miss work.
And lastly, both the O-shot and the Juliet laser make intimacy much more enjoyable, And that's something I could never say about surgery. In fact, half the women who do the Juliet and O-shot are doing it for the benefits they enjoy with their partner, so that's a very nice “addon” to a #LeakFreeLife!
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