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How Vanquish and CoolSculpting Reduce Fat Differently

CoolSculpting vs Vanquish

As the weather gets warmer, we’re putting away the bulky winter coats and getting our winter bodies reacquainted with our summer wardrobe! As you try on your swimsuits, do you notice those trouble zones that seem completely resistant to exercise and diets? You’re not alone!
Fat cells expand or decrease depending on your lifestyle choices; the body doesn’t eliminate them. A healthy lifestyle deflates fat cells like a balloon.  However, there are nonsurgical technologies that actually reduce the number of fat cells in your body by destroying them.  One technique uses heat and another uses cold to destroy fat cells.


The Vanquish device delivers radio waves that destroys fat cells and leaves surrounding tissue undamaged.  The device determines the necessary energy level by detecting the different densities between skin, muscle, and fat. The radio frequency heats the skin to 101 degrees and the underlying fat to 120 degrees and then the body naturally removes the fat cells. Treatments take 30 minutes, and patients typically have four sessions spaced over one week.


CoolSculpting uses cold to destroy fat cells. The CoolSculpting applicator vacuums a specific area to freeze the fat.The body processes and eliminates the fat cells over one to three months. A single treatment lasts an hour, and most patients need treated areas to be massaged back into place.  

Vanquish vs CoolSculpting

Vanquish and CoolSculpting treat different sized areas. CoolSculpting has the ability to treat a portion of your body that is approximately the size of a stick of butter, while Vanquish targets a half circle that includes the entire abdomen, front, and sides. If you wanted your love handles or thighs reduced with CoolSculpting, it would either require a two machines, or two one-hour sessions.
So why haven’t you heard about Vanquish?  In our opinion, the company is more interested in putting more resources into developing the best technology, and less into advertising.
If Coolsculpting worked better, we’d have it.  We chose Vanquish because it’s a far superior technology. This article explains why you should consider the best if you are interested in targeted fat reduction.  The best is not always the most well-known.
Book your Vanquish treatment with Biltmore Restorative Medicine today. A targeting Vanquish treatment means you get to keep  the “good” fat while trying to get rid of the stubborn fat.  You’ve tried other things before, it didn’t work, and it won’t work this time. Vanquish will! Lose about 2-3” (on average) from your problem area forever and painlessly.

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