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Microneedling – Relief from Wrinkles and Acne Scars

Microneedling model close up of face

I recently read an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal called “Can microneedling Improve the Appearance of Wrinkles and Acne Scars?” Please do take the time to read it after you read this article.
There is an old adage that to achieve a more youthful skin tone, one must “damage” the skin. Techniques like harsh chemical peels and some lasers do this, but the degree of harm is both painful, and the patient basically doesn't want to be seen in public for up to a week, and depending on how sensitive their skin is, sometimes longer!
We are proud to offer the latest and most advanced skin treatment technique, microneedling. After applying a mild numbing agent (if the patient so desires, although many find that numbing is unnecessary), a device resembling a pen but with multiple very tiny needles is rubbed over the area to be treated, with the needles piercing to an adjustable depth, to stimulate the deep layers of the skin to rejuvenate and lead to a more youthful appearance.
At Biltmore Restorative we often add the patients own Platelet Rich Plasmato enhance the technique even further.
Even though the WSJ article mentions home devices, please don't even think about the “DIY home kits”! These needles are not precision adjustable, if at all, and can certainly tear or pull at the skin. And since most people don't have an autoclave at home, they can't be sterilized which can lead to horrible infections! You absolutely do not want an infected face or other area such as décolletage, neck, or hands!
Recovery time after this procedure in our office is hours, not weeks. Patients routinely back to work or about their social lives that day and absolutely by the next day with little to no downtime to concern themselves with.
At Biltmore Restorative Medicine Microneedling is relatively pain free during the procedure, with lingering pain after the procedure is complete. And it works so quickly and effectively that patients find that their appearance begins to visibly improve within a few days. And by four weeks, we are getting glowing reports from happy patients who say they are delighted with and astonished by the improvement in their skin.
Read what one of our happy clients has to say!
“For years I did a chemical peel or little laser to the face on occasion, only to see minimal results and experience horrible burning and lots of down time. I also read where peels will thin the skin over time. As someone who had acne during adult years, and had have had some scarring and discoloration from the breakouts, I decided to try microneedling.
First, they numbed my face with a pleasant cream. Then, they took my blood and separated out the rich plasma. The wonderful and experienced medical tech employee did the procedure, applying my plasma to my skin as she used the needles all over my face to inject the plasma. First, let me say it didn't hurt.
After the 15-minute procedure, my skin was red, like a mild sunburn, and tight. Within days, people were asking me, “What did you have done? You're skin looks radiant.” I've read where lots of people are beginning to realized the great results from microneedling, and must agree that it's far better than any other non-surgical procedure I've tried. As someone in her early 50s, I'm trying to steer clear of facial plastic surgery. For some reason, it seems too invasive at this point. I will definitely do another round or two of the microneedling in the future. It just really plumps the skin and helps with overall radiance, smoothness, lines and texture. My skin actually feels thicker, as the collagen begins to rebuild what time and other factors had dulled over the years.”
~ Susan Reinhardt

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