NeoGraft Hair Restoration

Unique Treatment, Tailored to You

The facts are that approximately 50 million men and approximately 30 million women, including many in Asheville, suffer from male/female pattern baldness or thinning hair. Many potential patients shy-away from (or are not candidates for) the traditional “strip method” of hair replacement because of the slow recovery time, the loss of feeling at the incision site, the tiny linear scar on the back of the head, or the amount of postoperative pain involved.

After much research, we have chosen to offer The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method utilizing the NeoGraft Automated Hair Transplantation system. The FUE method of hair transplantation removes individual hair follicles from the scalp in their naturally occurring groupings of about 1-4 hairs and are then placed in the areas of the scalp where balding has occurred.

Invest in your hair now for a lifetime of benefits! This procedure will benefit you for decades. Don’t wait another day wishing that you had a fuller head of hair.

Reasons Why the NeoGraft Procedure is the Solution

  • It is the least invasive procedure for hair transplantation
  • Patients who receive the NeoGraft procedure feel little to no discomfort
  • No stitches or staples are used in the NeoGraft procedure
  • No unsightly linear scar
  • Flexibility for any hair style of your choice, short or long
  • Shorter recovery time – patients can typically go back to work the next day
  • Fewer restrictions on your normal daily activities
  • Natural looking results
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"Yesterday an old friend (my ex-fiancé) told me I looked better now than I did when we met 15 years ago! He's going to come see you for hormone and or GH treatment. HUGE confidence booster for me. "