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An itemized breakdown of how this tri-peptide can improve the human body reads like a wish list.



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What is Peptide Therapy?

Peptide therapy is an area of medicine that represents the future of integrative medical practice. It has very specific applications in a variety of different human tissues. Recently, the public interest has increased for patients aspiring to achieve optimal health.

Why choose Peptide Therapy in Asheville at Biltmore Restorative Medicine?

Our practice is one of the only clinics with A4M peptide certified practitioners in the Eastern United States. We work closely with compounding pharmacies that are certified in peptide protocols. With the ability to compound peptides into injectables, creams, and capsules; we are able to effectually tailor treatments to meet individual needs

Our practice has been continuing to expand its peptide therapy offerings over the past four years. We have experience and patient success stories to demonstrate excellent results for overall health.

Peptide Therapy for Muscle and Tendon Repair

One of the key peptides that we use for tendon and muscle repair is BPC-157. This peptide has shown promise in healing damaged tendon tissue and muscle. Dubbed the “Body Protective Compound,” we have even seen improvement for patients in the area of gastrointestinal anti-inflammation and repair. 

Ipamorelin/CJC is a peptide combination that effectively amplifies and encourages secretion of human growth hormone (HGH) in the human body. Treatments involving Ipamorelin/CJC as an adjunct to hormone replacement therapy and BPC-157, have led to patients experiencing improved lean muscle growth and greater improvements in muscle to fat ratios.

Peptide Therapy for Fat Loss

AOD9604 is one of our HGH “fragments” that encourages fat loss but does not have the anabolic capacity to build muscle. Treatments involving this peptide are encouraged for patients who desire metabolism of fat over building muscle.

Peptide Therapy for Aesthetics

One of the most promising areas in aesthetics is peptide therapy. A key player is the proper use of GHK-Cu. The systemic ramifications of this peptide trifecta are mind and mirror blowing.

To say GHK-Cu is a great addition to your aesthetics regime is a severe understatement. An itemized breakdown of how this tri-peptide can improve the human body reads like a wish list.

First developed in the early 1970’s science has continued to harness the copper binding ability this peptide has to manage many human conditions. Proven benefits affect hair and skin comprehensively:

  • Tightening and reversing aged, thin skin
  • Improving skin elasticity and clarity
  • Reduction of fine lines and improvement of skin structure
  • Repair of photo-damage, skin spots and wounds
  • Protection from UV radiation and improvement of skin barrier proteins
  • Increasing hair follicle thickness.
  • Decreasing the damage done by free radicals
  • Reduction of systemic inflammation

Peptide Therapy for Sexual Function

What was once a taboo subject has now been brought out to the forefront online and
in social media outlets. Pop up advertisements are everywhere for sexual enhancement once, only directed toward men but
now, women are asking, “Where’s mine?”

Some of the patients that get the most benefit from our practice are those seeking more fulfilling sexual health. Between treatments to optimize sex hormone levels, procedures to stimulate new blood vessels and nerve tissue to the external genitalia, directed physical therapies, and peptides that stimulate neurochemicals; we have seen tremendous improvement in an area that most people don’t realize can actually get better.

By stimulating the dopamine secretion in a person, sexual desire can be directly increased. The areas of the brain in which we stimulate sexual motivation, also benefit energy, and even help skin become more tan! This peptide is considered a “neuro aphrodisiac” and all of the effects that we see with this injection benefit men and women indiscriminately.

Peptide science has gotten farther than most people realize. We can amplify, modify, and create greater efficiency in intracellular signaling and function. When treatments include the right combinations of peptides, patients can benefit. This is truly Restorative Medicine.

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Dr. George Ibrahim is the go-to doctor for the most effective non-invasive, aesthetic procedures on the planet.

He specializes in hormone balancing, anti-aging, and sexual health.

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