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Q: What is Cool Laser Resurfacing and how is it different from the rest? I recently heard about this specific type of laser treatment, and I’m hoping to get a breakdown on exactly what it is. What I mainly need addressed are these hideously large pores on my cheeks, next to that would be my slightly bumpy facial terrain and last, but certainly not least, scarring. I’ve already tried a chemical peel and microdermabrasion. They were nice but didn’t really give me any results worth noting. Please help!

A: “Cool” laser may refer to a variety of different lasers.  We use the MCL31 “Juliet” which some call a “cool laser” in certain areas.   Fully ablative (destructive) lasers are known to be “hot”.   Fractional lasers ablate small channels while leaving “viable” or non-damaged tissue surrounding the channels.  This will lead to less down time and a speedy recovery, but the results may not be as great, per treatment, as fully ablative.  Hopefully this helps answer your question.

Q: Can I have vanquish twice a week and if yes how many hours should the interval be?

A: While the studies were done a week apart, many of our patients have safely and effectively done more treatments per week.  Always arrive well hydrated, and stay hydrated for a couple of days following the treatment, as well as maintain some physical activity to help mobilize the debris released from the process.  The procedure is fantastic!

Q: Kybella for bra fat. What are the risk for this treatment? Side effects? I was told the ingredients in Kybella are produced naturally.

A: Kybella uses ingredients that your body has already, to destroy and remove unwanted fat.  Using this product to treat bra strap fat is very safe, with the only real risks being bruises and, rarely, infection, and those are the risks of any needle sticks.  Most patients will need multiple treatments.  So, get started soon!  And be sure your provider is experienced!

Q: Will botox help with dark circles under eyes? Not be be mistaken for bags or droopy under eyelids. I’m in my 20s and have always had this dark raccoon spots under my eyes despite sleeping and eating right.

A: To address dark circles, one of the most common complaints that we treat, other modalities are needed.  In our practice, you would be offered dermal fillers, micro-needling or fractional laser treatments, and platelet rich plasma injections.  Physician grade skin products would be needed as well, particularly those containing growth factors.  Please realize none of the above are available outside of the review of a physician level provider.  Spa treatments will not provide nearly the results that nurse practitioners, physicians, etc. are allowed to use.

Q: How effective is PRP for hair restoration and does it have negative side effects?

A: PRP has no negative effects and can only help, in some cases, dramatically!   We use it alone and with all of our transplants.  I would absolutely recommend adding it to any transplant that you are considering, without reservation!