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What if you could rejuvenate tissue to feel, look, and love better?

Cellular therapy can be used to treat joints, aesthetics, systemic therapies, hair restoration, and sexual wellness



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What Is Regenerative Cellular Therapy and What Can Be Treated It?

Our bodies are built to withstand injury and disease with a natural defense mechanism. As we age, our defenses decline causing aches, pains, decreasing our ability to exercise to our full capacity, and diminishing our overall youthful appearance.

The body’s natural defense can be encouraged and stimulated to work on areas of damage even if that damage is caused by aging.

What if you were able to feel, look, and love better?

Restorative Medicine as our name implies, is the art and practice of rejuvenating tissue to improve functionality. The aging human body has been historically a disease that had no true cure. Our approach is to help the body locate the damage in the tissue and improve its ability to repair that damage. The key to that reparation is leveraging regenerative cells into optimal action.

Although regenerative cells are natural and ever-present, they drop off in number significantly as our bodies age.

When we were young, the regenerative cells’ main goal was to grow and develop our young bodies into adult bodies. As we age, regenerative cells take on a new role, the role of the maintenance system.

The regenerative cell has gotten a lot of attention, and rightly so. Only the regenerative cell has the ability to divide itself repeatedly.

Each change can create a new cell of any type. Healthy regenerative cells essentially, indefinitely, regenerate tissue.

Regenerative cells can become any cell that your body requires. Since our aging bodies have a diminished amount of these to use, we can now deploy regenerative cellular therapy to supplement our body’s ability to repair the damages of aging.

One of the first questions people ask is, “Is it safe?” Undoubtedly, people read blog posts and listen to podcasts about the latest regenerative cell treatments and get an idea that there is a great disparity in the type and origin of injections that are used.

We have researched many sources to give our patients the most effective and predictable outcome with treatment.

All of the allogeneic products are derived from donor tissue that has been meticulously screened and cryogenically frozen in FDA-registered laboratories.

There is really no end to the improvement we can reach with regenerative cellular therapy.  With areas that can be treated in our clinic setting ranging from joints, aesthetics, systemic therapies, hair restoration, and sexual wellness; the possibilities are great.

If you still have questions about what Regenerative Cellular Therapy can do for you at our Asheville location, do not hesitate to call us for a consultation.

We are excited to see what we can do to help you live your best life! 

If you are in Nashville, we recently opened an office in that location where we offer the same services.

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Why Choose Dr. Ibrahim?

Dr. George Ibrahim is the go-to doctor for the most effective non-invasive, aesthetic procedures on the planet.

He specializes in hormone balancing, anti-aging, and sexual health.

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

A message from Dr. Ibrahim

With COVID-19 circulating across the US, Biltmore Restorative Medicine, as a medical facility, is committed to ultimate cleanliness and sanitation. We have taken every measure to ensure we remain sanitary and we take every precaution for the health and safety of our patients.

Pandemic Certified: 
Dr. Ibrahim is pandemic certified with over 30 hours of Continuing Medical Education.  

We remain open and fully operational during this time with adjusted hours:
Monday – Thursday: 9am – 4pm
Friday: 9am – 12pm

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