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Eliminating Stubborn Pockets of Fat

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Kybella is finally here! Why is this such exciting news? Well, haven’t you always wanted to just magically eliminate stubborn pockets of fat? Seriously, we’ve all experienced the frustration of watching what we eat and exercising, yet there will be an area or two where we just can’t get rid of that fat!  Now with Kybella, we can literally target and just dissolve fat away.

Off-Label Use

Kybella is a natural product our own body makes. Deoxycholic acid, a scary name for a very mundane secretion that the gall bladder makes, dissolves fat permanently. The FDA approved Kybella to treat double chins, and once something is approved, physicians can then use it elsewhere. That’s called “off label use,” and nearly 90% of all approved medications are actually used “off label,” or for uses other than what the initial approval was for.

For example, in 1989, the FDA originally approved Botox for the treatment of eye muscle problems and eyelid spasms. It wasn’t until 2002 the FDA approved Botox for one cosmetic treatment– moderate to severe frown lines between the eyes. Today, doctors inject Botox to smooth wrinkles, stop excessive armpit sweating, or treat psoriasis.
So, think about this: wherever you have “poochy” fat, we can help!  Muffin tops, love handles, bra strap fat: all of this can be addressed with the off-label use of Kybella.
How do we administer Kybella? The product is simply injected using tiny needles. There will be swelling and discomfort after the procedure, as the fat is dissolved and eliminated from your body. Most folks need 2 or more procedures to get the correction that they desire.

Targeting Small and Large Areas of Fat

Though Kybella is an incredible tool for targeting specific fat accumulations, it does not replace Vanquish because it is a superior method of targeting larger areas for fat reduction. More comfortable and with better results than “CoolSculpting,” Vanquish is our mainstay for thigh and belly fat.  Most folks see a loss of 2-3 inches!  Some see more, and others see less, but the average is 2-3!
We look forward to chatting with you about whether Vanquish, Kybella, or a combination of treatments is the best for you!
Call Biltmore Restorative today at (828) 505-2885 and make your appointment to lose that pooch now, before the new year sets in!

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