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The Adiprep Approach Transform the way you look…at fat.

By Dr. George Ibrahim
Did you know that by the age of 50, everybody loses at least 5 ml, or roughly a teaspoon, of facial fat, which is what leads to deep wrinkles and lines, hollowed temples, and the sunken jowls that we associate with "looking old"?
There are many procedures, protocols and miracle creams flooding the market in protest of this "natural" aging process! They all promise fixes that sometimes work, but often do not.
In the aesthetics profession, our main goal is to replace "like with like." You may have heard of
or have used dermal fillers to filling in wrinkles, lines and hollows. Most commercially available
fillers are artificial, quick fixes that are very unlike our bodies. They typically last from 6 months
up to 2 years, and after that, their results are gone.
Thankfully, there is a superior option that will replace "like" exactly with "like!"
Adiprep is a new advancement in modern medical aesthetics that takes fat from trouble areas and injects it where you need it. Adiprep utilizes fat grafting, along with Platelet Rich Plasma (a restorative substance produced by your body naturally), and reintroduces it into your face, breasts, or anywhere else you may want to look fuller…and, yes, younger. The procedure, offered exclusively at only a small number of select practices across the country, is adored for its safe yet dramatic results.
Adiprep is very different from liposuction, wherein surgeons have taken fat from one area of the body, and put it in other areas to provide more volume where it's desired. That methodology has since been proven to be flawed because the vast majority of reallocated fat eventually withers away due to lack of blood supply.
Adiprep uses a much improved ­upon technique. When fat is transferred during a treatment, it's done so with the inclusion of your body's Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, as it is commonly referred. This sublime substance derives from your own blood and is the body's repair mechanism. Once collected, blood is processed in a precise manner to concentrate the platelets. Fat combined with PRP during an Adiprep procedure provides more than just temporary volume. Because PRP contains a plethora of growth factors and substantially rejuvenates tissue, it allows the fat to "stay alive" and maintains its volume. PRP works in concert with the fat to provide incredible, noticeable, almost magical regenerative improvements!
An estimated 1­-2 inches of fat can be removed during an Adiprep treatment. Better yet, you can choose to harvest the fat from any number of typical "problem areas," such as belly rolls, love handles, and even thighs! The procedure accomplishes many goals at once and transforms the way you look…at fat!
Over time, the person once paying for fillers that has switched to Adiprep saves money, but
more importantly, gets a much more natural and youthful appearance while reshaping and
slimming the silhouette into a breathtaking work of art!
With advancements in modern restorative medicine, you really can grow old gracefully,….and

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