Virtually Pain-Free Hair Reduction

Hair removal effective for every pigment skin and hair color

Almost everyone deals with unwanted hair on their face, arms, legs, and body. And many are willing to go to any lengths to get rid of it including painful procedures that yield temporary results.

Now you can get the results that you want quickly and comfortably with the Diolux Hair Removal System. The Diolux is a state-of-the-art, gold standard laser for permanent hair reduction. The Diolux features a variable pulse mode to treat all skin types, and offers a cool tip for a virtually pain-free experience. Additionally, it’s FDA-cleared for your peace of mind, guaranteeing safe and effective treatments.

The Diolux system give you the smooth silky skin you have always wanted quickly, efficiently, and virtually pain free.

Laser hair removal is a lasting solution for removing unwanted and excessive hair. The laser targets hair follicles for fast results.

Diolux is a virtually pain-free hair removal procedure that uses a high-powered 810nm diode laser that treats all skin types.

Diolux is one of the fastest laser hair removal systems on the market. A full leg hair removal can take as little as 2 minutes while a full back can be treated in as little as 7 minutes.

While results vary for each person, some people receive results in just one treatment. Most times, it takes several treatments to effectively achieve the your overall end result. The growth cycle of a hair consists of 3 stages: Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. The Anagen phase is when hair is growing and active, and provides the most effective results when targeted with the Diolux laser. The Telogen phase is the stage when hair is in the resting and shedding period of the hair cycle, which does not allow the laser to work efficiently.

Diolux generally works best on patients who have light skin and dark hair. Although they might take more time, treatments are available for people with all hair and skin types. Even patients with light blonde hair or red hair can benefit from treatment.

For optimal results, we recommend that laser hair removal sessions be completed at 4-week intervals. Depending on skin type, hair color and thickness and other factors, five treatment sessions are recommended. After you have reached your goal, ongoing maintenance can be done as needed.

Diolux is approved for the following application areas: back, cheek, stomach, legs, bikini, chin, neck, brow, and the upper lip.

The area will be cleansed and a cool gel applied. You will be given laser goggles to protect your eyes from the light. The cool-tipped hand piece will glide over the area and using heat, target hair follicles.

Immediately following the procedure, the area may be slightly red, similar to a razor burn. Sun spots or freckles may get temporarily darker but will lighten over time. You may continue to shave the area but do not wax or tan until you are finished with all your treatments. After a few weeks you will notice that there is less hair and you will no longer need to shave as frequently.

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